Florida Concealed Carry Class

Concealed Carry Class: $75 TOTAL COST

This class covers a basic overview of the firearm laws in Florida, the fundamentals of pistol shooting, the do’s and don’ts, where you can and can’t carry a concealed weapon, the process of applying for your Florida CWP, firearm types and suggestions, holster types and suggestions, home defense fundamentals, firearm safety, situational awareness, the difference between marksmanship and defensive shooting, what to expect after a self-defense shooting, and much more!!!

This is the only class needed to obtain your Florida Concealed Weapon Permit. With your Florida CWP you will be able to carry in 35 other states!! U.S. citizens and lawful resident aliens are eligible for a Florida CWP. Even snow birds can apply for and obtain a Florida Non-Residential CWP!!